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Visual appeal, health, toned body – are the synonyms for success in the modern world. That is why nowadays the services of plastic surgeons are very popular. Having decided to improve your appearance, it is very important to find the plastic surgeon you can trust. Therefore, the choice of clinic and health professionals plays a key role.

Spain is one of the countries in the world which is famous not only because of the immense tourist potential and its hospitality, but also because of the highest quality of medicine as well. In particular, Spanish clinics have health professionals with international reputation in the field of plastic surgery, and at the same time quite reasonable prices. The combination of medical procedures, health tourism and aftertreatment is the excellent option that allows combining plastic surgery with vacation. Besides, it is worth to remember that the unique Mediterranean climate will contribute to the fast recovery after surgery.

Before you choose one of clinics of plastic surgery or esthetic medicine in Spain it might be useful to find out more about average prices for a particular surgery. For example, breast surgery will cost from 3 500 euro, blepharoplasty will cost from 1500 euro and rhinoplasty – from 2000 euro.

How to choose clinic?

As we work with the best clinics in all parts of Spain we can help you to find the best option for you. For example, we can recommend plastic surgery clinic Granado Tiagonce (Clínica Granado Tiagonce) in Madrid. It is one of the best medical centers in Spain with more than two decades of successful work. The clinic has highly qualified health specialists and the latest equipment in the field of plastic surgery. For example, 3D simulators allow predicting surgical outcomes.

We guarantee exclusively individual approach to each client, and if it is necessary, we will provide interpreter for foreign patients. The clinic Granado Tiagonce is located in the picturesque district of the Spanish capital, 10 km from the city centre.

Hospital Nisa Virgen del Consuelo in Valencia is our other partner. The region on the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain is famous not only for its recreation potential, but also for tourist sites. So, you can enjoy seeing local sights by choosing this place.  Hospital Nisa Virgen del Consuelo, part of a group of private medical “Nisa” Hospitals, is a leading private clinic not only in its region but also a reference clinic in Spain. In Hospital Nisa Virgen del Consuelo works highly qualified personnel and the latest technologies are widely applied. Our motto is not only a high level of professionalism, but also a profound correctness towards clinic patients. The clinic has its own medical centers outside the region of Valencia.


We also work with the derma aesthetics institute “Ilahy”. The center of beauty and plastic surgery is located in Benidorm, IMED Levante Clinic. IMED clinics group is located on the east coast of Spain. The first hospital was opened in Benidorm in 2004. It is one of the most convenient options for foreign patients. As more than half of the health professionals of the clinic are not Spanish, that is why the comfortable interaction with international patients is very well established here (including availability of interpreters). The derma aesthetics institute “Ilahy”, which belongs to the IMED structure, is really much more than just a center of aesthetic and plastic surgery. It returns not only beauty, but it also provides a complete recovery.


Plastic Surgery Clinic “Eiviluxiry” is located in the famous resort region – on the island of Ibiza. The clinic offers programs in various areas: facial treatments (acne treatment, age spots, mesotherapy, botox, etc.), anti-aging programs, body care programs particularly for weight normalization (“Detox”, “Relax”, “Weight loss”). They include a comprehensive approach including yoga class. Luxury accommodations are offered to the patients.


The unique combination of surgery and balneotherapy is offered by clinic Water Health which is located in Ourensa, Galicia (north of Spain). Programs of the clinic include surgical treatment, and also postoperative aftertreatment on the basis of thermal procedures. So, for example, liposuction package that includes all costs for surgery, five-day postoperative balneotherapy and also SPA procedure

costs 5 445 euro. Patients can enjoy staying in the world famous Spa Hotel. In addition to the mineral baths, the mud treatments are applied. All procedures are performed under the care of a physician and help to restore your body, particularly the musculoskeletal system, digestive system, respiratory system, etc. All this is possible thanks to unique properties of local mineral waters. Water in Balneario Laias SPA is hyper thermal (about 52о C temperature).  In addition, Ourense, where clinic is located, is an ancient city with many tourist sights.


Clinic “CERAM” is located in Marbella, in the heart of the city, but at the same time in very quiet and pleasant district. The atmosphere disposes to tranquility and complete recovery. “CERAM” was founded as a clinic for reproductive medicine, but now it is a multi-field hospital with a wide range of services. This clinic uses advanced technologies and has highly qualified health professionals.

We also work with other clinics in Spain and the Canary Islands. A full list of clinics is available upon your request. We will find a suitable clinic for you and take care of all issues related to the organization of your surgery vacation.

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