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High quality of healthcare in Spain is known worldwide. If you are going to obtain a resident permit, long-term visa or going to study, the best and most convenient way is to take out the Spanish health insurance. This will allow you, if necessary, to count on professional medical help in any region of the country.

Also, if you are currently pregnant and have decided to give birth abroad, namely in Spain, then we recommend to take out the health insurance for the young mother and newborn baby. It is important that you can take out the Spanish health insurance even without having residence permit in this country. The main request is to have a Spanish Bank account to effect payment. You can pay monthly, by trimester or for the whole year. Generally, insurance companies provide discounts with an annual payment. There is a large number of programs (from economy to very expensive which can partially cover even treatment expenses outside Spain).

It is necessary to keep in mind that Spanish insurance policy is made out for a term of at least one year. Some companies allow taking out insurance for 6 months (this possibility must be clarified directly in the company). The insurance cost depends on age and sex of the insured person. As a rule, the mandatory age for insurance is from the birth (in some companies from three years) to 70 – 75 years. All companies cover expenses on emergency medical care (in some cases the simplest packages include only doctors consultations).

Also, when choosing an insurance company and a package of services, take into account why you need the insurance for. For example, if you need it for Spanish visa, then it has to include hospitalization, repatriation and emergency medical service. It is better to get repatriation service separately, as many Spanish insurance companies refuse this service to the persons without residence permit.

Choosing insurance company

Once you have decided for what purposes you need your health insurance, it remains to choose a particular company. Here you can find the rating, made by the Analysis and Research Institute MERCO that is based on a survey of 2700 doctors, health workers, patients and health professionals in the field of medical care, which might help you to choose. This rating “Reputation Monitor of Healthcare” involves evaluation of service quality on 900 indicators. It is also confirmed by an independent auditor company KPMG. According to the analysis the top twenty list includes such insurance companies: SANITAS, SEGURCAIXA ADESLAS, ASISA, MAPFRE, DKV SEGUROS, CASER SEGUROS, GRUPO AXA, CIGNA LIFE, ASISTENCIA SANITARIA COLEGIAL, HNA,  ALLIANZ, GENERALI SEGUROS, FIATC, AEGON, 15SANTALUCIA, ANTARES, 1CATALANA OCCIDENTE – PLUS ULTRA SEGUROS, IMQ, AGRUPACIO, DIVINA PASTORA.

Let us take up in more detail the leader of the rating – Sanitas company. Health insurance “Sanitas” provides complete insurance programs taking into account all your requirements. The insurance program includes examination by general doctors and highly specialized doctors, various directions of diagnostics (ultrasound, x-rays, test results, etc.), therapeutic examination and procedures, hospitalization services. The insurance also includes dentistry (25 medical procedures and a discount for all next procedures). Having such complete program Sanitas offers quite reasonable prices (insurance premium rate is from €43,90 to €131,90 depending on age of the insured person (from the birth till 75 years).

Sanitas company also offers additional services, for example, buying medicine with a 50% discount, glasses and contact lenses for half price, insurance in case of car accident, work-related injuries and full or partial disability. Sanitas programs also offer compensation of medical care in the USA. There are also special insurance programs of support (recovery from nicotine addiction, diet, service of the psychologist, elderly care, support programs during pregnancy, etc.),

Sanitas provides round-the-clock clients support (phone or online medical consultations, urgent medical treatment, emergency health-care services during trips abroad).

Special programs also include recovery of expenses for treatment with non-conventional medicine (homeopathy, acupuncture).

Sanitas partners throughout Spain have more than 700 seven hundred medical centers and more than 40 thousand qualified doctors.          Sanitas Hospital La Zarzuela and Sanitas Hospital La Moraleja in Madrid and Sanitas Hospital CIMA in Barcelona offer best medical services for our clients.

We also work with a network of dental clinics Milenium Dental (more than 113 clinics over all country).  Seventeen multipurpose medical centers Milenium are our partners.

In the Spanish companies insurance premiums can be made out with supplemental payment and without it. So, in the first case, the monthly payment will be lower, but it is necessary to pay extra, for example, for the test results and visits of highly specialized doctors (on average from 5 to 10 euro). The price depends on the patient’s age and specialization of the doctor.

The average cost of a complete package of health insurance services in Spain fluctuates from 50 to 80 euro per month.  When traveling abroad you can also order repatriation services. For example, in the Mapfre Company this service is 45 euro a year.

It is possible to use all services on the insurance program you have chosen immediately upon signing the contract and receiving right in hands the insurance policy or after some time (depending on the type of medical services).  For example, Sanitas company’s insurance includes, from the date of entering into the contract , the general and specialized medical care, blood tests, pregnancy follow-up, emergency home visit. Eight months later you can also use services of hospitalization, advanced diagnostics and surgery.

Under the terms of the contract with Adeslas company advanced diagnostics is carried out three months later from the date of entering into the contract, and  only the general and specialized medical care, blood test, ultrasound and pregnancy follow-up are covered immediately. All kind of surgical procedures can be carried out in 10 months after entering into the insurance contract.

To obtain health insurance in Spain, you will need the following documents:

– copy of international passport or  foreigner’s identification number in Spain (in some cases you may need both documents)

–  bank account number in EUR in Spain (if you do not have such account, then our company will help you to open it). We can also provide service of payment through our bank account.

Our company Healthy Spain will be happy to assist you in choosing the best health insurance for you and help with all administration details. The cost of the service is € 80.

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