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Spanish medicine is characterized by minimal invasiveness at maximum efficiency. According to the rating published by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Spanish health care system held 7th place in the world. Besides twenty four Spanish medical institutions are accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International, the USA), there are 19 medical institutions in Israel and only 4 in Germany. The quality of medicine in Spain, equipment of hospitals and reasonable prices attract increasing number of foreign patients.


The Spanish doctors are highly qualified and take on the most difficult medical cases. It is a little known fact that the Spanish professionals from private clinics, as a rule, have extensive experience and a good reputation, are members of the European and World medical associations and communities, and also are engaged in scientific work and teaching profession. For example: The president of the European surgical oncology community – Doctor Santiago González Moreno (Madrid doctor), the President of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery – Doctor Eduardo Targarona, the Official surgeon of NATO – Doctor Ney Sotomayor and many others.


The clinics use such latest technologies as a microsurgery, the da Vinci robotic surgical system, laparoscopic surgery, transplantology and reproductive medicine. Spain is the leader among the European countries in the development level of reproductive medicine, and also efficiency and uniqueness of treatment methods.


It should be noted that Spain has the highest level of comfort in clinics. In Spain the medical centers are organized according to the US healthcare system, i.e. everything is simple and correct, very beautiful and convenient. Patient’s rooms remind a five-star hotel room than a hospital with a constant and well-organized patient care.

All additional service, such as transfer service, housing rent, translator, car hire, guided tours etc., is organized by the principle of availability to any person with any budget from economy class to VIP level.


Deliveries aren’t just very popular in Spain, but also are very safe and useful for the child. The coast of Spain is the most favorable environment for the child birth. Going to give birth in Spain, women consider such factor as safety.  Spain has the lowest maternal morbidity and child mortality in the world.


The Spanish healthcare is one of the best, and at the same time one of the cheapest in the European Union. The cost of living in Spain is very affordable so you can optimize the costs concerning transport, hotels and guided tours. According to Eurostat, the commodity prices in Spain are about 20% lower than in other European Union countries. For example, the rent of 2-rooms apartment on the seashore will cost 350 euros a month, and food for one person a month – about 200 euros.  The most expensive districts for living in Spain are located on Costa-del-Sol, and the health resorts located close to Barcelona as well. The coast Costa-Blanca offer the most reasonable prices among other popular health resorts. In Madrid, the capital of Spain, rent of two-bedroom apartments costs 500-700 euros a month, a three-bedroom house – 1400 euros.


The Spanish is one of the healthiest nation in the world! Average life expectancy in Spain is 82,5 years, and in Madrid this figure is even slightly higher – 83,7 (Source “El mundo” 07/03/2014). The Institute of Health Carlos III conducted a study on biological age and process of aging as a result scientists have found that life expectancy in Spain can reach one hundred years.  This suggests not only a favorable environment for life and health, but also the highest level of the medical diagnostics able to prevent serious diseases, and also excellent results of treatment. The Mediterranean climate and the Mediterranean diet as well contributes to the Spanish led the list on life expectancy in Europe.


The Mediterranean climate is the best climate for human health. In Spain we have on average 300 sunny days a year. By coming to Spain for treatment or recovery procedures, you not only get the highest service of healthcare, but you can relax as well, revitalizing the body after treatment. The Mediterranean climate attracts 60 million tourists a year so that Spain holds 3rd place in the world on foreign tourism after France and the USA. This is not the first time that Spain wins first place in the world by the number of clean and comfortable beaches with a prestigious award “A blue flag” which certifies the quality of beaches.


The Mediterranean cuisine is just a style and a healthy lifestyle which is very tasty to eat, it does not only make you fat and feel energized. You will not find fat dairy products, animal fats in this food, but practically each meal is rich with vegetables and fruit, fish and other seafood. In Spain  the price/quality ratio of products is one of the best in Europe, and the quality and ecology of local food turn into quality of health.


The Spanish are very friendly, sociable and optimistical people that, naturally, apply also to medical personnel. Friendly and welcoming staff in all clinics is a characteristic feature of Spaniards. For the patient it happens very important to create trustworthy and friendly atmosphere. Doctors will be always pleased to hear from you and will answer all your questions. The friendliness of the Spanish and their positive attitude to the world create favorable conditions both for treatment, and for aftertreatment.

Come to Spain and you will be healthy!

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